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Milina Eco-bags Company-Canvas bag washing and maintenance methods

When new customers make inquiries, they always ask whether the canvas bag can be cleaned, how to clean it to prolong the service life of the product, and whether it will fade during cleaning. We now list detailed answers and some additions to the above questions.

The canvas bag will inevitably bump or even get some stains during use, but it doesn't matter, these can be washed off. Refer to the following methods for cleaning methods.


1. First wash

The canvas bags are all made of cotton. For the sake of beauty, they will be colored when they are made. Although new canvas bags are generally washed before leaving the factory, there will still be a layer of floating color on the surface of the bag. The newly bought bag may lose its color when it is washed for the first time after it has been used for a period of time. In order to prevent the color from fading, in the first cleaning, you can add some salt to the water, soak it for about 20 minutes, and then Start scrubbing again so the canvas bag doesn't fade as easily.

2. Cold water cleaning

When cleaning the canvas bag, it is best to wash it in cold water. Hot water can easily burn it. Try to wash it by hand, not by machine. Canvas bags are cotton, so don't use detergents that contain bleach, and it's best not to use fluorescent ones, or the bag will fade and become unsightly.

3. Dosage of detergent

The canvas bag is made of cotton, and the color will fade if it is not cleaned properly, so try to reduce the amount of detergent when washing. If there are oil stains or other stubborn stains on the bag, you can use detergent to clean it, but you can't use too much, other Some parts can be washed gently in clean water without detergent.

4. Drying

After cleaning the canvas bag, it needs to be hung to dry, preferably in a cool and ventilated place to dry in the shade, avoiding the sun. High temperature exposure will also cause the canvas bag to fade. If there is spliced leather on the bag, it will become hard and brittle after being exposed to sunlight, causing damage to the bag.

5. Maintenance of metal fittings

There are usually metal rings, metal zippers, etc. on the bag, and some have metal decorations such as rivets. These areas should also be well maintained. When cleaning these metal parts, use a metal-wiping cleaner to carefully clean and maintain them. When maintaining the zipper, you can apply some white oil on the zipper. If there is no white oil, you can use salad oil instead, or use candle oil, so that the zipper will be pulled well and not easy to get stuck.

As long as you follow the above methods to clean, basically it can be washed clean. Sharing by Milina Eco Bags.,ltd.


January 28th, 2022


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